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Read our NEW Review by A Beautiful Rawr Blog!

Serene Wax Boutique Houston

We had a great experience working with, Linh Vo, blogger from A Beautiful Rawr! Here's a small exerpt from her review on Serene Wax Boutique:

"...I decided to give waxing a try to remove this stubborn hair. Years ago, I shaved my arms (even though they weren't even hairy), but gosh, WORST MISTAKE EVER! Anyways, I had the pleasure of visiting Serene Wax Boutique not once, but TWICE, and wanted to share my experiences with you, especially for any 1st timers like me and/or local HOUSTON ladies.

...For my second visit, I decided to bite the bullet and try a BRAZILIAN WAX, which happens to be their specialty. Epp! I actually wanted to do this the 1st time, but I was scared out of my wits of what to expect/feel. But, after meeting Jessica, I was COMPLETELY comfortable with having her take care of me so that should speak volumes about how WONDERFUL the boutique is! Again, she was very comforting and totally put my mind at ease."

To read the entire review, click HERE.

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