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How to Get Smooth, Sexy Legs Just in Time for the Summer

Just because you haven't tried some beauty ideas doesn't mean that they don't work. Everyone has heard of waxing, but some preconceived notions associated with waxing kept some women away.

Have you ever found that sometimes shaving just doesn't work especially when it gives you all these razor bumps? Have you noticed these hard-to-shave spots like knees and the back of your thigns that may leave you feeling embarrased when you happen to forget to shave it?

Summer is fast approaching. It's time we gave leg waxing a try. Whether you are a jean shorts kind of girl or not, showing off your legs in the summer is something you definitely want to be prepared for. Let us show you a few tips to get that gorgeous, smooth and sexy legs just in time for the summer.

Exfoliation is key.

In the days before your appointment, prep your legs by exfoliating. Dry brushing before you shower is best, as it really sloughs off skin, but an in-shower scrub can also do the trick. Keep in mind if you come in all properly exfoliated, your hair will come off very easily. Exfoliate after your waxing service will keep your hair from growing too fast before your next appointment.

Moisturize, moisturize, muisturize! Hydration is a must before and after you wax. Keep your legs happy by applying lotion as soon as you’re out of the shower—and off the waxing table. Lotion, moisturizer and body oil are all great options! There are hundreds of brands out there. Just pick the right one for you and keep moisturzing everyday!

Don’t shave. Just don’t. Real talk: the hardest part about becoming a leg waxing convert is dealing with hair growth between waxes. You may be tempted to shave, but the longer you stick with waxing, the better it gets. The trush is, if you do it once a month and never shave in between, your hair will start growing way finer and way slower. Even if you can't give up shaving, you may get wax every now and then to get ultra smooth legs.

Besides waxing, keep exercising your leg muscles in addition to running or walking and possibly get a tan will even add to those beautiful, sexy legs!

We hope these tips will help. Serene wax is currently running an awesome promotion for a $10 only bikini wax service for new customers. Just click here to download your coupon. Enjoy!

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