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Introducing Serene's Most Popular Skin Care Product

Want luminous skin? Not only is exfoliating key, but it’s necessary. In fact, if you don’t exfoliate before using skin care products, dead skin cells will clog your pores, making it harder for your skincare products to actually work! Here are 4 tips on exfoliating:

Exfoliate at Night

This is the best time to exfoliate after cleansing your skin. While you sleep, your skin is able to soak up your skincare products, which will be more effective because you’ve exfoliated.

Exfoliate in the Shower

While you’re taking a shower, the steam will automatically open up your pores and stimulate circulation. Exfoliating during this time is an added bonus for your skin.

Exfoliate before Shaving

Before waxing or shaving, the best thing to do is to exfoliate first because exfoliating will encourage ingrown hairs to come to the surface.

Exfoliate after Sun

Don’t exfoliate before going in the sun. By doing so, your skin will be a lot more sensitive to the sun rays, which will make it a lot easier to get sunburned.

Our recommendation: 100% Pure Honey Almond Body Scrub. Not only is it our #1 Best Selling Product at Serene, but we swear by it! This body scrub is 100% natural, vegan and gluten free. Concentrated with antioxidants and vitamins, this luxurious scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and vibrant all day!

Grab one of our Pure Honey Almond Body Scrub jars after your appointment at Serene. To make your next appointment, Call us now.

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