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How Clean Does a Waxing Salon Need to Be?

Waxing is often times an intimate experience. Great waxing salons provide a clean and comfortable environment to help customers relax and feel at home during the service. While a comfortable environment is easy to produce, keeping the environment clean isn't nearly as easy.

These days, at a typical waxing salon, you could walk away with a nasty infection, if the waxing salon isn't keeping up with health and safety standards. Posh and pricey salons can be more deceiving, since they usually have high requency visits. Skin infections can occur from unclean wax or nonsterile waxing areas. Double-dipping with the waxing stick can also lead to contamination. A waxing salon can easily become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs.

What can you do to ensure your waxing salon is clean?

Make sure the esthetician uses a new stick each time it is dipped into the tub of wax. Bacteria can contaminate an entire container of wax and seed it with infectious organisms. Don't let anyone fool you by saying that hot wax can kill germs because of its high temperature. That's nonsense.

Bacteria can then be transferred onto your skin. So make sure the salon is clean and that the estheticians are licensed. Double check if your esthetician is wearing gloves. Make sure all the beds are covered with disposable papers and towels.

How does Serene keep it clean?

We don't like to brag, but at Serene, keeping our waxing boutique clean is our number one priority, because health and safety is directly linked to the well-being of our customers. Fortunately, being an independent waxing salon, we are able to choose our own cleaning service provider. We take pride in telling our customers that we use COVERALL, an industry leading health cleaning system, to provide commercial cleaning for Serene.

Coverall's cleaning method is unique: it is a health-based cleaning program that reduces the spread of illness-causing germs and odors. Coverall uses innovative products and equipment including EPA-registered cleaning products and industry leading equipment. A cross-contamination prevention approach is applied to clean all floors, carpets and areas that are usually hard to get to, and all services are provided by trained, certified professionals.

Come experience the difference at Serene, and let us know how you like it. Call us if you have any questions or concerns.

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